Brea Jewelry Buyers pays Cash for Jewelry in Brea.

We have 6 San Diego locations where you can sell gold in Brea and get paid cash for jewelry on the spot today.

Selling jewelry in Brea CA is easy. Just come in with your jewelry and your ID, we will test your jewelry and pay you cash for jewelry on the spot.

Get paid more for your jewelry. When it comes time to sell jewelry in Brea , Gold & Diamond Buyers of Brea pays more for your jewelry. We pay more for diamonds in your jewelry and precious stones. With 6 jewelry stores in Brea , we have a convenient jewelry buyers location near you. Come in and get cash for jewelry in Brea today.

Come in and see why our customers think we are the best place to sell jewelry in Brea .

We pay more than gold value for emeralds, rubies, sapphires and diamonds.

In any of our six local jewelry buyers Brea locations you can get more when you:

Sell Diamond Jewelry in Brea

Sell Emerald in Brea

Sell Ruby in Brea

Sell Sapphire in Brea

Brea Cash for Jewelry has six local San Diego jewelry buyers locations to serve you. Sell jewelry in Brea , Brea , Brea , Downtown Brea , Brea & Brea and get Cash for Jewelry on the spot.

Brea Jewelry Buyers pays Cash for Jewelry in Brea

If you are selling jewelry in Brea check out Brea Jewelry Buyers. When you want to sell jewelry in Brea , we have six convenience cash for jewelry locations to serve you.

You need to know a few things about your jewelry before you sell it. The first thing you need to know is how pure it is.

Jewelry purity is measured in karats. 24 karat jewelry is pure jewelry. So if your jewelry is stamped 14k (which means 14 karat), then it has 58% jewelry.

How do we arrive at 58%? By dividing 14 by 24. The same applies to any other karat jewelry. So if you have 10 karat jewelry, you divide 10 by 24 and get a purity of 41% jewelry.

European jewelry is sometimes stamped 585 or some other number similar to that. 585 also means 58% jewelry or 14 karat jewelry. 416 means 10 karat jewelry or 41% pure jewelry used in your jewelry.

By the same calculation, 18k stamped on your jewelry means 18 karat jewelry. That means your Brea jewelry buyers will consider 75% of your item’s weight is pure jewelry and 25% is something else.

Sell Jewelry in Brea – We have six local Brea Jewelry Buyers Locations to Serve you.

Our six Brea jewelry buyers locations are state of the art jewelry stores. Your transaction is discreet and confidential. Our staff will treat you with courtesy and respect and get you cash for jewelry quickly.

The process for selling jewelry in Brea is simple:

When selling jewelry in Brea , gather all items you’d like to sell and bring them into one of our local Brea jewelry buyers locations.
Our professional jewelry buyer staff will test your jewelry using a variety of techniques including checking for magnetic properties, acid tests and electronic means of testing.
We will provide you with a cash for jewelry quote in minutes and get you paid on the spot.
When you want to sell jewelry in Brea or sell jewelry, chances are we have a location near you.

Next time you are looking for who buyers jewelry near me or local Brea jewelry buyers, look no further. You can come into any of our 6 Brea jewelry buyers locations during our business hours, no appointment necessary.

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Our Locations:

Brea Jewelry Buyers Brea CA (Downtown Brea on 3rd Ave. between E & F Street)

Brea Jewelry Buyers Brea (On Jackson Drive, across from Toys R Us, Ross’s & Walmart)

Brea Jewelry Buyers Brea (on Mollison Ave.)

Brea Jewelry Buyers Brea CA (on Balboa Ave.)

Brea Jewelry Buyers Downtown Brea (on 6th Ave.)

Brea Jewelry Buyers Brea (on Girard Ave.)

As always, no appointment is necessary to visit any of our Brea jewelry buyers locations. You will get cash for jewelry on the spot. We look forward to seeing you.

Jewelry is a metal that is desired by many in jewelry and has other uses in electronics and industry. It is a beautiful metal and is easy on the skin where other substances can cause allergic reactions. It shines and is desired by almost all that wear jewelry. Jewelry is yellow in color, therefore all jewelry is yellow jewelry. When you hear white jewelry, Rose Jewelry or Black Jewelry, that means there were treatments done to the jewelry to change its color. For example, jewelry, which is yellow, is mixed with other elements such that gives it a white color and is usually treated with Rhodium to make it white. You may notice after some wear that your white jewelry may be turning a bit yellow. The reason for this is because the Rhodium is wearing off of the jewelry piece. A new Rhodium treatment can make it white again (while jewelry is silver colored, not white, but referred to as white jewelry).

The jewelry we see in the market is usually coming from the mines or recycled from people selling jewelry or recycling it from electronics and other industrial items. Generally, those are the main sources of jewelry, the second being derived from the first, as at some point all jewelry was mined from a mine or harvested from river beds or acquired via other methods from nature.

The value of jewelry chances almost daily if not by the hour, minute and second. Websites like and give you an idea of what jewelry prices are as of today. Those prices are for pure jewelry. Most Brea jewelry buyers use a website to determine the jewelry price. Be careful because not all of these websites have live jewelry prices, as some require a subscription for the live price. We have seen jewelry prices drop as much as $35 on a Sunday when the US markets were closed due to trading elsewhere in the globe. So it is a good idea to check jewelry prices and sell your jewelry on a day that the jewelry prices are high.

The jewelry prices provided by these websites are called the spot prices or spot market prices. Keep in mind that the prices provided are for pure jewelry (or 24 karat jewelry). Your jewelry price is discounted based on its purity. For example if you have 14 karat jewelry, you have 58% jewelry not pure jewelry and therefore an adjustment is made by your local Brea jewelry buyers and jewelry buyers reflecting this when your jewelry is appraised for a buyer’s verbal appraisal.

Also keep in mind that your Brea jewelry buyers have to make a profit to purchase your jewelry. They generally have to pay rent or mortgage payments to be there to serve you, have staff available to evaluate your jewelry and by compliant with all local and federal licensing laws, as well as usual bills such as alarms, insurance, electric, water, payroll, accounting and taxes. These costs are taken into account by all Brea jewelry buyers when purchasing your jewelry so that they can cover their expenses, make a profit and be available to you 5 to 7 days a week, anytime you decide to sell your jewelry or jewelry.

What Does Brea Jewelry Buyers Buy? We are:

Brea Jewelry Buyers

Brea Jewelry Buyers

Brea Silver Buyers

Brea Diamond Buyers

Brea Coin Buyers, and

Brea Watch Buyers

Some of our locations are also:

Brea Art Buyers

Brea Antique Buyers, and

Brea Persian Rug Buyers

When it comes to selling jewelry in Brea , chances are we have a convenient location near you.

If you prefer to make an appointment before coming down you can click here for a free jewelry evaluation and buyer’s verbal appraisal appointment in Brea .

What Can I Sell to Jewelry & Diamond Buyers of Brea ? You can:

Sell Jewelry in Brea

Sell Jewelry in Brea

Sell Diamonds in Brea

Sell Silver in Brea

Sell Coins in Brea

Sell Watches in Brea , and

Sell Diamond Engagement Rings in Brea

Come in and see why many of our customers think we are the best Brea jewelry buyers. Our staff will take good care of you.

Come in and see for yourself why our customers think we are the best place to sell jewelry in Brea .

Selling used watches in Brea and selling used diamond ring in Brea are easy because we have experienced staff that can evaluate your diamond engagement ring or Rolex or other fine timepiece in minutes and give you a cash offer on the spot.

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