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At our location you can sell gold in San Diego

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We are Jewelry Buyers in San Diego. We pay cash for Jewelry in San Diego. Call us or stop by to sell jewelry in San Diego.


Various vendors offer jewelry, gold, silver, coins, watches, diamonds, Persian rugs, art and antiques in the Chula Vista Jewelry Exchange.

If you are looking for quality items at great prices, the Chula Vista Jewelry Exchange is the place you need to check out. The prices that we offer for our items and jewelry is at the lowest price. We have high quality items that can add that extra luxe to your life, at a great price. Save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on the jewelry we have. We have a great selection of items at a convenient location. Don’t miss the opportunity to check out our showroom!

Come and see what we have to offer.

The Chula Vista Jewelry Exchange offers a forum where sellers can sell their jewelry and buyers can purchase jewelry at great prices.

High payouts for your jewelry items combined with great prices if you are buying jewelry from our exchange will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars off of jewelry items.

Call us today at (619) 777-8238 or stop in at the exchange from 10am to 6pm (special hours by appointment available).