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What Should I Consider When Actually Selecting a Diamond Ring?

Paying attention to de 4 C’s is the key;  Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat. Finding the perfect combination of the 4 Cs is actually the best you can do.

Cut — refers to the diamond’s ability to transmit the light and sparkle you’ve come to expect in a perfect diamond. The cut does not refer to the actual shape of the diamond like most of the people believe. Color —  is rated on a scale that goes from D (100% clear) to Z (extremely yellow or brown). The clearer a diamond is the better.  Clarity —  diamonds are created when carbon has been exposed to extreme heat and pressure and they often have imperfections  called blemishes and inclusions. Determining the clarity of a diamond is based on evaluating how noticeable these imperfections are.  Carat — The last C refers  to the weight of the diamond. As a point of reference, one carat is 1/5 of a gram and this is one of the most important one.

How much do Diamond Ring cost?

It depends on a lot of variables like the quality of the diamond and the size. We, at Gold & Diamond Buyers of San Diego, have the best prices in town!!  As soon as you will get in our store you will experience a great service and you will prove that getting an amazing diamond ring with us it’s actually possible!

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