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Why you should sell your engagement ring or wedding band after divorce?

People say that things have power meaning that material possessions actually absorb and retain energy from the people and experiences around them, so if you are getting over a marriage the best thing you could do is not to keep things that remind you of that relationship. Also, most of those rings have amazing diamond that worth a lots of money !!!

Get the most amount of cash for your engagement ring or wedding bands!! 

We, at Gold & Diamond Buyers of San Diego. always give you the best price for your items. We have a group of professionals that will examine your rings to give you an accurate and trustworthy evaluation. We make the process easy and quick. Bring your rings and an ID to our location and get instant cash for those rings!

How much can you sell your engagement and wedding rings for?

It really depends of a different factors like; if the ring has diamonds or not, if it’s  10,14,18 or  more karats gold, the condition of the item and the quality of diamonds. The best  you can do is to know  how much your ring costs. Before selling any piece of jewelry you should have an idea how much it’s worth. Then  go to a reliable jewelry store that appraised your items the right way so they can give you the best offer.

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