The Best Jewelry Repair in San Diego and Chula Vista!

We, at Gold & Diamond Buyers of San Diego,  are a reliable jewelry store and jewelry repair business. We are professionals with a very skilled team to repair your pieces.

Is your favorite necklace, earrings, ring or watch broken or scratched? No worries we, at Gold & Diamond Buyer s of San Diego, can help you  make your beautiful jewelry to look like new again.

We are a very reliable Jewelry Repair business!!

Are you afraid to take your favorite jewelry for repair because you are not sure if they are going to do a good job?  We, at Gold & Diamond Buyers of San Diego, have a professional jewelers that can do it all! Do not hesitate to bring your favorite broken pieces of jewelry to get repair we are professionals and we have the best prices in town.

The best and reliable variety of Jewelry repair services in San Diego and Chula Vista!

Do you know that  giving maintenance to your jewelry  makes it last many years look  like new? We at Gold & Diamond Buyers of San Diego specialized in making your jewelry look always amazing. We have a professional team that  offer you a variety of services  for your jewelry like cleaning, repair, polish, ring sizing, stone replacement,  rhodium pleading , custom jewelry and setting stones.

Stop by our location at 255 3rd. Ave. Chula Vista CA, (619) 900-7266. Monday through Sunday and  you will receive the best service for your jewelry repairs.